Cat sitting for musician of Hawaii Symphony Orchestra
Norm Foster of The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra with
Steinway the Cat.

What are people saying about Malu Pet Bliss?

Our cat, Steinway, is 21 years old and a loved member of our family. Tonya has been a loving caretaker of Steinway through the years, and he loves her. We always have a deep sense of reassurance when we are away, including when I perform in The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra.  Knowing Tonya is keeping Steinway company by playing with him, feeding him, and now, as a geriatric cat, giving him special care means a lot. 

     Recently, Tonya had to board Steinway at her place because we were having work done in our condo. Steinway was crying in the car on the way there, but when he was brought into the house and saw Tonya, he found home again. Tonya is smart, loving and communicates well. She's also a true professional and crosses the t's and dots the i's with the crazy things we ask her to do to entertain Steinway's quirky whims or to stay with his feeding schedule. Tonya is a gem, and I can't recommend her enough.                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                                                --Norm, Honolulu
cat sitting Kakaako / Ala Moana
Christina and Toby the Cat

     Toby has had the good fortune of having Tonya and her team care for him on multiple occasions and enjoyed every visit!  We can assure you that any pet in their care will leave you free from worry and concern as her professional and personal concern protects your pet.  Tonya becomes a trusted member of the family validated by the attached pictures.  You can enjoy your trips knowing your pet is safe and enjoying its time with its Pet Nanny!
                                                                                                                          --Christina and Trappeur, Honolulu
"Malu Pet Bliss is, hands down, the best pet companionship service in town.  Personable, courteous, no-nonsense.  And, did I mention great rates?  Whether your dog is a champion show dog or a wonderful family pet (I have both), I am 100% happy, as a busy professional travelling the globe, to personally attest to the care and love and devotion lavished upon my dog while I am away--no matter for how long, no matter where.  Thank you, Malu Pet Bliss.  You are simply the best!!!"
                       --Lenny, Aina Haina and New York City/Connecticut
"Malu Pet Bliss provides service above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of our baby.  Clarence really loves you.  We really appreciate your extra thoughtfulness and friendship.  Visit Clarence (and us!) anytime."              
                                                                     —Teri and Dan, Honolulu