Malu Pet Bliss

Your Pals,  Our Passion...
Malu Pet Bliss


As a pet parent, do you feel guilty about leaving your pet babies alone during periods of time?
Here's where we come in!  With Hawaii's personalized pet sitting service, you can have peace of mind in knowing that when you return home we've already given your pets all the attention they deserve so you can focus on your work day, enjoy your vacation, whatever reason you need to be away.

How are we different?

Personalized Pet Sitting
Pets have different needs...that may change.  We tailor our pet sitting to what you know is best for your pets.  During our visits we care for your pets and their environment in ways to make them feel safe, loved, and at ease.

Emphasis on Geriatric Care
Even aging pets prone to illness or discomfort deserve great-quality lives.  Regardless of your pets’ condition, we have ways of enhancing their mood and strength through one-on-one care.