Pet Transportation / Pet Taxi

     The demands of life are real and constant.  Have you ever pushed off things on your To Do List for weeks only to realize they won’t go away until you actually DO them?

     When it comes to your pets, you probably realize some of their needs are immediate.  You might not want to delay picking up the food you know your pets like best, or the medicine they take that’s about to run out, or even the grooming appointment that you booked weeks ago.  One of the pet care services Malu Pet Bliss provides is running errands for your pets’ needs.  Whether you have scheduled an appointment for your pet weeks in advance, or made a last-minute adjustment to your schedule, but just can’t get them “there,” we can be a pet taxi for their needs.

     For example, Salem the Cat here was diagnosed with an illness that the veterinarians at Aina Haina Pet Hospital diagnosed.  As a part Malu Pet Bliss’ professional pet sitting services, I gave her daily injections in the comfort of her home to help treat this illness.  Having had years of veterinarian technician experience, giving this injection to Salem by me was easy and quick.  Each time I finished giving the injection, Salem barely noticed she had just gotten a shot.  Afterward she loved eating treats as a reward and liked being at home while getting well. 

     Based on veterinarian recommendation, Dr. Nicole wanted to observe Salem’s progress with periodic veterinarian exams.  Therefore, at the request of Salem’s owner, I’d pick up the cat from her home and drive her to the pet hospital then back.  Experienced pet sitters have to think of every detail to ensure any cat is safe and comfortable during transport from home to another location then back.

     It is a good idea to make sure the cat carrier or transportable kennel has no holes, open zippers, or unlatched doors.   An escaped cat is the last thing you’d want, and doesn’t make for a safe passage from the house to the veterinarian’s.  In addition, once the cat is inside the carrier, clipping together the zippers might prevent the cat from prying open the zippers and getting away.  Keeping the climate of the car or truck cool, or warm, enough is another consideration.  Turning on the A/C, or rolling down the windows might help.  Be aware of how far you roll down the windows!  The cat might squeeze through a tiny puka in the cat carrier that you didn’t see then decide to exit the car at the stop light. 

     As a nice alternative to boarding, customized pet care can include pet transportation.  This way you can keep your pets in the safe haven of home while ensuring they make it to vet appointments, grooming treatments, and play dates.  You CAN have stress-free and in-home pet care.  When you’re too busy to check off your To Do List, on vacation, or on a business trip trustworthy help is available. 

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