Pet Transport / Pet Loss / Over The Rainbow Bridge

     As a pet sitter I have the pleasure of caring for so many animals, including Boone.  When thinking about Boone, the first thing that comes to mind is his spirit.  He was daring, inquisitive, and very kind. 

     I’d like to think his spirit is still soaring through this universe.  He was such a cute, fuzzy, energetic canine!  I think about how he would frolic at the park while I was pet sitting in Aina Haina.  I would keep watch over his love of exploration when dog walking during our midday dog walk.  Boone lived up to his name because he behaved like a frontiersman.  Furthermore, he had an unassuming nature and was very down to earth.  I would let him play in the mud knowing I would prepare a warm dog bath for him when I returned to his house and bathe all of the dirt, grit, and junk off of him.  He’d love to roll in the towels I wrapped around him.  I’d lift him out of the sink in a very protective manner.  Then I pushed back at his muzzle ever so gently as he burrowed into my hands in an attempt to help dry himself.  I’d give him the works:  nail clipping / nail trim for dogs, expression of anal glands, blow dry. 

     I could always tell when he was smiling.  He smiled a lot.  He was a happy soul.  I enjoyed gathering the material needed to ship him to Minneapolis.  My partner and I carefully planned the trip to deliver him safely to his owners in Birmingham.  Planning the pet transport from Hawaii was fun!  Little did Boone know his days of Kahala pet sitting were coming to an end.

     When I said bye to him at the airport as they loaded Boone and his kennel onto the airplane for animals, I knew he didn’t know where he was going.  But he trusted I would take care of him.  When we landed in Minneapolis I quickly carried him to the airport’s pet relief area.  My partner and I thought he’d never stop going #1!  Boone finished, smiled, and kept on ticking.  He didn’t even look at us as if to say, “Well, what was that?”  He, in his good spirit, didn’t miss a beat.  We drove cross country together from north to south.  Boone would take turns sitting in our lap.  He especially loved romping at the rest stops.  We made sure he had plenty of water to drink in the car and food to eat along the way.  When we brought him to his owners’ door, I was so excited to know that he would see them.  They greeted him in a responsible manner—the Cesar Milan way—and he kissed them to pieces.  I didn’t want to say goodbye to him that day, but I knew I’d see him again.  I took a piece of him with me in my heart that day.  When I visited again, I was so happy to see “my little guy.”  It was as if he and I hadn’t missed a beat.  I enjoyed walking him again and seeing him explore with his nose, as always.  He woke me up the next morning by jumping on the bed.  I burrowed my nose into his furry neck and immediately got up to enjoy as much time as possible with him. 

     Boone was a magnificent dog, and he was also a bridge.  Where would I be today without Boone?  I certainly would never have met his owners who became wonderful friends of mine.  Even though Boone is no longer with us and pet loss is very sad, the rainbow bridge keeps us connected…always.

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